Deep in the desert, Tomorrowland Dubai arises: Travel Week…


Dubai has added yet another attraction to its list of spectacular
experiences. This time, it’s out in the desert where Tomorrowland is
opening at Terra Solis Dubai, and visitors will be able to experience
the atmosphere of the legendary festival in a unique destination.

The music festival originates from Belgium, and is lauded as one of
the most successful to date, often appearing in the bucket lists of many
youth travellers. In 2022 alone, more than 600,000 people descended
into the small town of Bloom, Belgium.

For its Dubai edition, the official opening of the pool and glamping
will take place 9 December when German DJ, a global performer and
Tomorrowland regular, Paul Kalkbrenner, will bring his unique style to
the decks.

Terra Sol Hospitality CEO Alexander Suski said, “The journey starts
now. This opening night, with the incredible Paul Kalkbrenner, is just
the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to welcome guests to this
never-before-seen desert experience that encapsulates the very essence
of Tomorrowland on a year-round basis.”

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