Paris Hilton teases electrifying return with ‘Lighter’ mus…


Paris Hilton teases electrifying return with Lighter music video
Paris Hilton teases electrifying return with ‘Lighter’ music video

Paris Hilton, the iconic reality TV star and entrepreneur, has unveiled a tantalizing sneak peek of her upcoming music video for her latest track, Lighter. The song is poised to mark her return to the music scene after a 17-year hiatus since her debut single, Stars Are Blind.

The celebrity socialite took to her social media platforms to share the exciting news, expressing her enthusiasm for ‘Lighter.’ Paris debuted the song at the illustrious Tomorrowland music festival, and now fans can anticipate the full video release. 

In the sneak peek footage, Paris Hilton showcases her musical prowess as she grooves to the infectious, techno-driven rhythm of Lighter. The video captures her in a studio setting, passionately belting out the lyrics in her unmistakable style. 

Sporting her signature long, white-blonde locks, she exudes elegance and charm while dressed in a dazzling white dress. Additionally, Paris dons a striking periwinkle gown with a slightly distressed appearance, further adding to her trademark glamour.

In her Instagram caption, she revealed the song’s underlying message: “This one is for everyone needing to drop that unnecessary baggage, trust us you’ll feel Lighter.”

Notably, the video teases a fascinating alteration in Paris Hilton’s voice, reminiscent of her previous musical endeavors. However, her true vocal tone shines through as she effortlessly navigates the melodic composition, switching between coos and whispers. 

Paris Hilton has been on a media blitz this week, actively promoting her latest musical venture alongside her collaborator, Steve Aoki. The duo has been making appearances and conducting interviews in New York City, fueling the excitement surrounding ‘Lighter.’

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