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Soar to New Heights: Tomorrowland’s Zephyr I and Zephyr II Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Embark on a magical journey with Tomorrowland’s Zephyr I and Zephyr II hot air balloons, elevating the global phenomenon to new heights. As one of the largest social gatherings for music lovers worldwide, Tomorrowland invites you to take to the skies, creating unforgettable memories with friends and family through enchanting balloon flights.

A Skyward Adventure, Zephyr I and Zephyr II are not just hot air balloons; they are gateways to a whimsical adventure that transcends the ordinary. Tomorrowland invites you to experience the joy of floating above the world, capturing breathtaking views and creating cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

Comprehensive Briefing and Professional Guidance. Before embarking on your skyward journey, indulge in a comprehensive briefing that ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Tomorrowland prioritizes your well-being, providing essential information to make your hot air balloon adventure a seamless and thrilling escapade. A professional guidance team accompanies you every step of the way, ensuring your flight is both secure and enchanting.

Raise a Toast with Solo Vida Sparkling Wine. As you ascend into the skies, Tomorrowland enhances the experience with a touch of luxury. Raise a toast to the momentous occasion with Solo Vida Sparkling wine, adding a celebratory element to your balloon adventure. Savor the effervescence of the sparkling wine as you glide gracefully through the air, surrounded by the beauty of the world below.

Zephyr II Flight Certificate: A Token of Your Adventure. To commemorate your journey in the clouds, Tomorrowland presents you with a special Zephyr II flight certificate. This personalized memento serves as a token of your skyward adventure, a testament to the magical moments shared with your loved ones. Display it proudly as a reminder of the extraordinary experience that Tomorrowland’s hot air balloons offer.

Elevate Your Tomorrowland Experience: Tomorrowland’s Zephyr I and Zephyr II hot air balloons redefine the festival experience, taking it beyond the grounds and into the open skies. This unique offering allows music enthusiasts to not only revel in the festival’s beats but also to soar above the world in a celebration of joy and wonder. Take the opportunity to create extraordinary memories, as Tomorrowland invites you to rise above the ordinary and embrace the enchantment of a hot air balloon adventure.


Take it to the skies with a magical balloon flight and create wonderful memories together with your friends or family.

Includes a comprehensive briefing before take-off, a professional guidance team, Solo Vida Sparkling wine, and a special Zephyr II flight certificate to conclude your adventure.


Height: 32m
Capacity: 3 Professionals or Stuntmen
Unique Tomorrowland Icon shape


Height: 28m
Capacity: 8 People of Tomorrow
Unique Tomorrowland Flag design
Panoramic Floor
Global bookings

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