Tomorrowland Live features 2005, the Debut of the First Tomorrowland and Playing Now on Tomorrowland Live is ‘Miles Away’ by Armin van Buuren & Sam Martin Live at Tomorrowland from New Years Eve 2020!

You will undoubtedly recognize the name Armin van Buuren, a legendary producer and DJ in the industry. In one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year, van Buuren performed his hit single “Miles Away” live at the 2020 edition of Tomorrowland NYE, alongside the talented vocalist Sam Martin. From the stunning visuals and jaw-dropping pyrotechnics to the electrifying energy of the crowd, everything about this performance was truly next-level. As the hypnotic beats of this iconic track filled the air, fans were transported to a world unlike any other, losing themselves in the pulsing rhythm and pure joy of the moment. With its catchy melody and powerful lyrics, “Miles Away” is a true EDM anthem and a showcase of the sheer talent and passion of artists like Armin van Buuren and Sam Martin.




Sunday August 14, 2005 – a magical date in the history of Tomorrowland. A brand new festival popped up, transforming the town of Boom into a fairy tale dominion, where enchanting electronic music was to be heard from behind every tree and out of every rabbit hole.

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