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Unveiling the Enchanting ‘Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum’ 2024: A Mesmerizing Fusion of Nature and Music

In a groundbreaking spectacle that left music enthusiasts spellbound, the inaugural show of ‘Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum’ 2024 unfolded amidst the lush jungle of Tulum, marking the grand premiere of the newly designed CORE stage. A fusion of music, nature, and cutting-edge production, this event transformed the heart of Tulum into a mesmerizing audio-visual playground.

The CORE Stage: The star of the night was the recently crafted CORE stage, seamlessly integrated into the natural beauty of Tulum’s jungle. The stage featured a unique rocky structure adorned with elements from the surrounding environment, including water features that harmoniously blended with the jungle backdrop. Illuminated by a spectacular array of lights and laser beams, the CORE stage emerged as a symbol of symbiosis between music and nature.

Immersive Storytelling: Over 16,000 music lovers embarked on an enthralling journey, guided by custom-made video content that unfolded throughout the night. The central video wall became a canvas for magical and dreamy visuals, immersing visitors deeper into the realms of dreams and darkness. The integration of lights, video, and scents created a multisensory experience, elevating the event beyond the realm of traditional music performances.

A Symphony of Senses: For the first time in the history of Tomorrowland, the event organizers orchestrated a sensory symphony by synchronizing lights, video, and scents. Attendees were enveloped in an experience that transcended the auditory, captivating their visual and olfactory senses. This innovative approach added an extra layer of depth to the already immersive musical journey.

Dawn of a New Setting: As the night unfolded and the sun began its ascent, the CORE stage seamlessly transitioned from the darkness to a vibrant new setting. The stage, once immersed in dreamy and mysterious elements, embraced the dawn with a cheerful transformation, symbolizing the cyclical nature of the immersive experience.

Community and Connectivity: The event, beyond its audio-visual brilliance, fostered a sense of community among attendees. The shared experience of being transported into a realm where music and nature coexist left an indelible mark on the collective memory of over 16,000 participants.

Conclusion: ‘Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum’ 2024 not only unveiled a groundbreaking stage but also redefined the boundaries of live music experiences. The integration of nature, technology, and storytelling showcased the evolution of music events into multi-sensory journeys. As the echoes of the first show lingered in the jungle air, it became evident that CORE Tulum had set a new standard for immersive music festivals, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this enchanting tale.

Presented as a world premiere, Tomorrowland’s brand-new CORE stage was revealed to the world in the heart of Tulum’s jungle last night.

Entirely designed and crafted in-house by Tomorrowland’s renowned creative team, the mythical new CORE stage featured performances by Boys Noize, Diplo, Disclosure, HAAi, Mind Against, and more, alongside a spectacular audiovisual experience, all in one of the most magical places on the planet where music and nature come together.

The newly crafted CORE stage was completely integrated into Tulum’s jungle scenery, featuring a rocky structure and plenty of nature and water elements, as well as impressive lights and laser beams all around the stage.

More than 16.000 music lovers were taken along an entire story and journey with brand-new custom-made video content throughout the night, while the central video wall showed magical and dreamy elements, taking visitors deeper and deeper into dreams and darkness.

For the first time ever, lights, video and scents were all used together to deepen the experience even more. As soon as the sun started rising, the CORE stage left the darkness to return to a cheerful new setting.


  • The stage is 17 meters high and 30 meters wide.
  • All stage decoration is inflatable.
  • The entire stage has been developed for touring, everything fits into 1 container. 
  • 209 moving lights
  • 20 wash beams
  • 96 strobe lights
  • 95 LED flares
  • 34 LED par spots
  • 14 water fountains
  • 14 water geysers
  • 28 water LED washes
  • 40 fireworks fountains
  • 15 CO2 shooters
  • 15 LED bars
  • 45 fog machines
  • 22 bubble smoke machines

In addition to the new CORE stage, fans were also treated to the finest sounds curated by Tijana T, LP Giobbi, Dan Shake and more at the Isla stage, as well as ØOSTIL, Henri Bergmann, Elif, Afriqua and more at the Garden stage.

Tomorrowland has been working on a new CORE stage for over a year, taking the experience and design to a whole new level.

After its introduction in Mexico, the CORE stage is set to become one of Tomorrowland’s most iconic new stages and will continue to pop up around the globe, including two weekends in the enchanting forests of Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, in July 2024.

On January 20, Tomorrowland will once again reveal the new CORE stage in Tulum’s jungle, including performances by Agents Of Time, Brina Knauss, Kölsch, Vintage Culture, and more. DJ BORING, Krystal Klear, Mura Masa and more will perform at the Isla stage, while ATRIP, Todd Edwards, Olympe, Iñigo Vontier b2b Thomass Jackson and more will be jumping behind the decks at the Garden stage.

Tickets are still available via core.world/tulum.

Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum
January 13 & January 20, 2024
Zamna Festival, Tulum, Mexico
Tickets & info: core.world/tulum

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